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Stakeholder conference

The Stakeholder Conference broadens the focus and discusses agricultural GHG emission reduction in the light of climate change, sustainable agriculture and food security.

The objectives are to discuss activities of agricultural GHG emission reductions in the context of climate change, sustainable agriculture and food security and to discuss and develop future pathways and priorities.

  • Speeches from the Ministers of the chairs’ and vice chairs’ Member states will open the con-ference. The conference will feature 3 keynotes from speakers of different stakeholder groups e.g. FAO, WFO, EU.
  • An overview of the strategic research agendas of GRA/FACCE/CCAFS corresponding to mitiga-tion will be given.
  • Examples of successful collaborative mitigation research activities of the consortia (GRA/FACCE/CCAFS; e.g. projects that fall under the “GHG Nexus” developed by FACCE and the GRA).
  • Different parallel thematic break out groups will gather expertise, discuss thematic challenges and approaches, identify research and knowledge gaps, and discuss policy implications.
  • In the closing plenary session key messages from the breakout groups will be drawn together.
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